Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Lacritec manufactured?

It is made in Australia. We source only the highest standard ingredients. It is manufactured under the highest therapeutic manufacturing standard ( GMP) in a manufacturing plant which is regularly audited for compliance by the Therapeutic Goods Administration ( TGA) .


Why can’t I buy Lacritec in the Chemist or Health Food Stores?

As a specialist eye care company we believe that only through regular contact with an eyecare professional can your eye health be maximised. Therefore Lacritec is only available from selected high quality eyecare practioners, or online following the advice of an eye care professional.


I don’t have a credit card to pay

That’s fine, for those that are unable to pay by credit we will happily send out a 14 day account that
can be paid either by cheque, money order or direct deposit at a bank. Just ring us if you want to pay
using this method.


How is Lacritec delivered?

We generally use  Fastway Couriers . Delivery times range from next day to 4 or 5 days so please allow for this when it’s time for you to reorder.
For remote areas and P.O. Boxes we use Australia Post.


Do I take 2 or 3 capsules per day?

The dosage can vary both due to your weight and the severity of the symptoms. We recommend all patients to start at 3 per day for the first month to 6 weeks, the dosage can then be reduced to 2 per day, and if symptoms reappear or get worse the dosage can be increased back up to 3 per day.


Do I have to take them 2 - 3 times per day , separately, or with food?

This is very individual but you may take the daily dose  of Lacritec all at once if you
tolerate them well, other people may find that they require a meal. Some people
like to split them and have 2 in the evening or morning and  1 at night.


What happens when I am running out?

When our database shows that you may be running low on Lacritec we will send you a courtesy
reminder email, or a reminder call. Naturally you can contact us when you are ready on the 1800
number at any time.


Are there any side effects from Lacritec?

There are no known serious side effects from Lacritec. As with any product it is possible for certain
individuals to have a reaction to individual ingredients. If you have any specific concerns please
contact us directly or speak to your Doctor.


What improvement will I see?

Research has shown that these active substances reduce lacrimal gland inflammation and improve the oily lipid layer of the tear resulting in improved tear production and improved tear film break up time. In-house research of 209 random patients responses indicated 82% had overall improvement in their dry eye condition.  There was reduced severity in all measured symptoms and eye drop usage fell by nearly 50% per day on average.


Can I keep taking a multivitamin when I take Lacritec?

Yes you can, there is no need to worry about overdosing on individual ingredients.